AGS JH25B Cosworth

AGS JH25B image

Active: 1991 - 08-09-1991
Team: Automobiles Gonfaronaise Sportive

Designer: Michel Costa
Driver: Gabriele Tarquini (17), Stefan Johansson (18), Fabrizio Barbazza (18)

This car is identical to the AGS JH25 except for its name, designating the fact that this car competed in 1991, contrary to the JH25 competing in the 1990 F1 season. AGS opted to run this car as finacial difficulties rendered it impossible to continue with the design of the JHS26.

Just like in 1990, it wasn't a success story. Only Tarquini managed to qualify the car three times, finishing only in the first race of the season in 8th. Stefan Johannson was on duty in the first two races before Barbazza was put into the car, equally lacking success in this car.

The JH25 was used only in the first 12 races of the season before swithing to the AGS JH27


Weight: 505 kg
Front track: 1.8 m
Rear track: 1.67 m
Transmission: Longitudinally mounted 6-speed manual gearbox


Designation: Cosworth DFR V8
Displacement: 3494 cc
Bore/stroke: 90 - 68.7 mm
Power: 456 Kw / 620 Hp @ 11250 rpm
Weight: approx. 190 kg