Coloni C4 Ford

Coloni C4 image

Active: 1991
Team: Enzo Coloni Racing Car Systems

Designer: Christian Vanderpleyn
Drivers: Pedro Chaves, Naoki Hattori

The Coloni C4 is a development of the C3C designed by Christian Vanderpleyn and simply carried over the chassis and the suspension of that car. The only real differences with the C3 are all aerodynamic with slightly modified sidepods and a changed airbox. Because Coloni itself also did not have the money to invest in further development, parts of the car were developed in a student project at the University of Perugia, Italy.

The car was powered by a Ford Cosworth DFR that was prepared by Langford & Peck until the 4th race of the season. Later on it was supplied by Hart Racing Engines.

The C4 was driven by rookie Pedro Chaves in the first 13 races of the season. He failed to pre-qualify each time and was replaced by Naoki Hattori, another rookie who as well failed to pre-qualify in the two final races of the season. The team did not enter the Spanish GP.

After the season, Coloni was sold to Andrea Sassetti and renamed Andrea Moda Formula. The C4 chassis was also sold and used in 1992 during the first two races as the Andrea Moda C4B.


Chassis: Carbon fibre monocoque
Tyres: Goodyear
Fuel capacity: 205 l
Transmission: 6-speed, Coloni L
Fuel & oils: Agip (14 GP), Galp (1 GP)
Dampers: Koni
Brakes: Carbone Industrie / Brembo


Wheelbase: 2850 mm
Front track: 1810 mm
Rear track: 1670 mm
Weight: 505 kg


Designation: Ford DFR
Type: 90° V8, naturally aspirated
Capacity: 3493 cc
Power: 615 Hp @ 11500 rpm
Mounting: Longitudinal, mid-car