French parliament halts GP proposal

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The French parliament has decided not to allow the express authorization of a Formula One circuit at Yvelines. The amendment that would allow a quick handling of the procedure was voted and approved by the senate last Friday but now removed.

During recent weeks it has been similar to a ball game as the senate and parliament have tried to put responsibility on the other's hand. While the original idea was backed by the Minister for the economic revival Patrick Devedjian, he faces strong opposition from socialists and greens against the project.

'Eurosport' has discovered however that several support grouped have emerged on . Several forefighters argue that hosting the GP at a new venue will likely generate 4500 jobs and much of the 63 million euro will flow to the businesses in the area.

Unfortunately, the French GP has again hit a dead end, and it remains to be seen if a solution can be found quickly.