Doctor certain that Massa will race again

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Felipe Massa's personal doctor is certain that he will return to racing once again. Even though earlier reports had Massa under more danger and ill health, Dino Altmann says the Ferrari drivers health recovery is beyond what anyone expected.

"I have no doubt Felipe will race again, I'm sure of that," Altmann told Italy's 'Gazzetta dello Sport'.

"The situation is still delicate, but I believe his life is not in danger anymore. From the beginning I felt that the trauma wasn't as extended as it was believed, but the improvements of the last hours have gone beyond our wildest expectations.

"Stimulated by the physiotherapist, he showed he knows left from right and he has full awareness of distance and depth. And his memory loss regards a short time. His eye has been opened, with care because it is still swollen, and he has said he can see. His vision has not weakened."

Adding, "He gave appropriate answers in three languages: Portuguese, Italian, and English. That means that the brain's cognitive area is fine."