Schumi loses weight for F1 return

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Michael Schmacher, whose condition to race was doubted by the Italian magazine 'Autosprint' in this week's issue, wrote on his personal website that he already lost three kilograms. Schumi weighed 74 kilograms in 2006, his last year in F1, but gained no less than 6 kilograms in the last three years.

The seven time World Champion is 100% convinced that he'll be race-ready for Valencia as only his neck muscles need a bit more training.

Schumi wrote on his website: "I'm currently in the midst of my preparations for the upcoming race. I already lost three kilograms even if it is also important to me to build up muscles. So all in all, the practice works pretty well. I only have to admit that my neck pinches a bit. We have to get a grip on that as health has priority, that's the clear arrangement made with Ferrari and, by the way, with my wife, too."