FIA should have punished Piquet - Coulthard

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BBC-commentator and Red Bull Racing advisor David Coulthard has once again spoken out over the 'crashgate' scandal which held the world of Formula One in its grip over the last few weeks. Coulthard believes that the sport is still suffering from the events and that Nelson Piquet Jr. should have been punished by the FIA as well.

Coulthard said to the newspaper 'The Times of India': "I think the FIA should have punished Piquet too. He was equally guilty as any other.

The Scot, who will drive the Red Bull F1 demo car acros the new sea bridge in Mumbai, India, on Sunday, said that the new saga really hit the sport hard. He said: "It was really bad - bad for F1 and bad for the fans; the revelations have shaken many, including me…I don't know how anyone can crash an F1 car on purpose. All through my career I was trying to avoid a crash!"