Heavy fuel load assessment for Toro Rosso

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F1 Test, Jerez, Circuit Permanente de Jerezes

The final day of this session, aimed at young drivers saw Mirko Bortolotti at the wheel of the STR 4 in the morning, with Brendon Hartley taking over for the afternoon. The three days produced plenty of aero measurement data for our engineers to work on for next year and, although frustrating for the drivers, as it affected their lap times, the car was run in heavyweight configuration for most of the time, in order to assess the impact of running heavy fuel loads next year.

“I am very happy to have been given this opportunity by Red Bull and it was an honour to drive for Toro Rosso,” said Mirko Bortolotti. “I felt comfortable with the team where everyone made me feel welcome. It was a very interesting experience, especially testing some things that might be used on next year’s car. It’s a shame that it started to rain today, which prevented me using a new set of tyres, but that’s the way it is.”

“I was really happy with this half day,” said Brendon Hartley. “We did a lot of running and I think my pace was pretty good, when fuel-corrected, so from my side I’m quite happy. It was interesting for me to work with so many people, with such a big team, as I am used to working with just one engineer. It was a great experience and I really want to say thank you to Red Bull.”

“Both drivers did a good job,” commented Franz Tost. “They are talented and if they do well in other racing categories in 2010, I think they have a good chance of being up to the required standard to make it into Formula 1 in 2011. We completed many laps and we achieved our main targets, namely to get an impression of both the drivers and to carry out some tests aimed at next year.”