Webber would've retired if the RB5 was a 'shit box'

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Red Bull's Mark Webber has creatively admitted that if last years car had been quite bad, we would have most likely retired at the seasons end. But luckily for his career and fans the RB5 proved to be the one of the best, even amongst the double decker diffuser equipped teams at the beginning of the season. Webber also beat the curse and finally won his only two GP's.

"I don't know. If we had a total shit box last year, maybe," Webber responded when asked by 'The Australian' newspaper if last year would have been his last season if he had a bad car.

Adding, "It was a very tough start to the year for me mentally with the (mountain bike) accident and if that was coupled with a tough season result-wise, it might have been enough to put water on the flame, but fortunately, it was enough to put petrol on it."

"Two or three years ago, I wasn't particularly enjoying it a huge amount and I wasn't a million miles away (from retirement) then. You have to be enjoying it and you have to be motivated. That fire has to keep going.

"Last year was very, very important in terms of the outlook on my whole career," he added, "The fire is burning now, I am getting up each day and I care and I am taking responsibility for myself."