Gearbox problem for Webber, new brakes for Vettel

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The first day of the first race, but unfortunately for title candidate Red Bull Racing it wasn't such a good one. Mark Webber lost track time due to a gearbox problem and Sebastian Vettel had to have the brakes changed.

Mark Webber: “Not such a good day and not enough mileage. We missed out a bit this afternoon; I had a gearbox problem, so the team made a precautionary stop with the car which ended P2 early. We’ll have to regroup and get what we can out of today – we’ll be focusing on qualifying in tomorrow’s practice. We still learnt some stuff today and Seb looked at the tyres. You can already see that it’s going to be bloody competitive this year, it’s going to be a good fight out there.”

Sebastian Vettel: “So, the first day of the first race. Unfortunately we didn’t get a lot of running today. The track was still green this morning, so everyone was just checking their cars. In the second practice I had to have the brakes changed and Mark couldn’t do the whole session, so it wasn’t ideal. I would have liked more track time, but it’s not Christmas and we’re not given things for free. We have a lot of work to do, but we know where we need to improve, so we will work on that.”