Let’s keep our feet on the ground - Domenicali

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There’s an air of great concentration in the corridors of Maranello, after the first three days of testing with the F150. The team pretty much got through the programme established prior to the test, which centred mainly on getting to grips with the behaviour of the new car and on understanding the new Pirelli tyres.

On the reliability front, the first assessment can be seen as positive: the mishap that forced Felipe Massa to spend a long time in the garage yesterday is in no way the sign of some congenital defect in the car.

“As we already said at the launch, the important thing is to do many kilometres at the first test and in that we have succeeded, “ said Stefano Domenicali to the official Ferrari webiste. “The stopwatch revealed little and that will also be the case in the next test sessions. We are pleased with our debut, but we are perfectly aware that there is still a lot of work to do, both on track and in the factory. Over the next few weeks, we must keep our feet solidly on the ground and concentrate on our own job, without being distracted by what the others are up to. The first conclusions will only be drawn in Bahrain when things start getting serious.”

Fernando Alonso was also in Maranello today, spending a long time in the simulator. The team got back from Valencia late morning and by Monday the mechanics will already be on their way again, this time to Jerez de la Frontera where testing resumes on Thursday 10 February: this time Felipe will be the first on track for two days, with Fernando rounding off the last two days of Saturday and Sunday.

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