I accept any change that is good for F1 - Massa

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It is fair to say that of the two Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro race drivers, Fernando Alonso, the Spaniard racing in Spain, is nearer the centre of the media focus than his team-mate this weekend. However, it seemed that the press who gathered at the Ferrari Media Hospitality yesterday afternoon at the Catalunya circuit, had saved some of the toughest questions for the Brazilian.

On technical matters, he was asked for his views regarding the FIA decision to modify the rules regarding the exhaust blown diffuser, used by most of the top teams in some shape or form. “I’m not sure what this will mean, as it is difficult to say how this will affect the teams concerned and if it will affect some more than others, because I only know about my own team,” began Massa. “At Ferrari, we are always working to find the best technical solutions within the existing rules. It is normal that if the FIA feels this direction is a bit too much then they will move to change the rule.”

Next, he was asked if the glut of overtaking in recent races is all down to the tyre performance and if therefore the Downforce Reduction Systems are unnecessary. “I don’t think the overtaking is just related to the tyres,” maintained Felipe. “It is related to the wing, the tyres and other elements, which all combine to make the racing more exciting this year. You see cars make a lot of passing moves, but then they can struggle towards the end of the race if their tyres are degrading, so that cars can move up and down the order. It’s down to the wing and tyres together and its more exciting for us drivers, as well as the spectators. If everyone is happy, then as a driver, I accept any change that is good for Formula 1.”

And on the day the Scuderia announced an extension to Fernando Alonso’s contract, Felipe was asked for his view. “I think it’s good for him, because signing for Ferrari is always a good emotion,” he said. “Renewing a contract for many years, for a long time, is positive and I congratulate him on it. As for myself, it is not yet contract renewal time and I am in no hurry, so we will wait for the right time as always and see what my long term future will be,” he added with a smile.

As for this weekend, as always, knowing what to expect before the cars have even started running on track is always difficult but the Ferrari man offered a prediction of sorts. “I expect a better result here than we have seen in the previous races so far this season. I hope we will see that all the work carried out in Maranello means the car will make a further step forward and allow us to fight for a podium finish here this weekend. But I am aware that time is passing, because after this weekend, the next time we will bring upgrades for the car will be Canada, and that means Race 7. So I really hope that we will continue to make progress.”

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