Räikkönen not delighted with himself

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World champion Kimi Räikkönen admitted he wasn’t content with the way his qualifying session went. However he is hopeful the car will perform as it did during the race simulation completed on Friday.

The Finn didn’t encounter any problems in qualifying in contrast to Malaysia where his chances were hindered by the tumultuous situation developed by threatening showers. He was, though, unable to extract the performance he delivered in yesterday’s practices at ease.

"It is just how difficult it was in the first three corners in the last try," said Raikkonen when explaining what had gone wrong. I lost so much time in corner three basically that I was a bit surprised.”

"The car had been behaving very well and in the last run it was not so easy there for some reason. The laptime was pretty much done there - you couldn't catch up."

He highlighted he didn’t have the feel on his last run which he had yesterday.

"Obviously it was different from yesterday but I don't know what happened," he said.

"I got a loose car and lost an awful lot of time from that corner to the next corner. Maybe it is my fault. Maybe it just happened. But it is disappointing anyhow.”

Kimi is hopeful that he can recover in the all-important race as Ferrari showed promising race pace again.

"It is not a complete disaster, but it seems to become a habit. I would rather get rid of it. For the race we have a good car. It has been behaving well all weekend. Today was not ideal with the last set of tyres, but we will do our best for tomorrow and see where we end up."