Different timeframes set by Honda and McLaren

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Honda and McLaren both have admitted that they have imagined different route in their attempt to conquer Formula 1. McLaren's need and desire to deliver results as soon as possbile does not completely match Honda's approach.

Honda and McLaren started their reborn partnership with sky-high expectations as many believed the Sakura- and Woking-based groups can continue their winning streak as they ended it in their previous collaborations.

However, they have endured a very difficult campaign so far. Although McLaren have transmitted positive attitude all through the 2015 season, they now admit that Honda's unique aproach does not totally fit their own way of working.

"Renault, Mercedes and Ferrari had invested their resources in the new hyrid technology. On top of that, the people working there also have knowledge on the current F1-technology," said McLaren team boss Eric Bullier.

"Honda decided to build their F1-programme over the course of a bigger timeframe. Most of the people in Sakure do not have experience or know-how on the current F1 technology which means that it will still be a long way. They first have to gain knowledge, then experience. They also need to build organizational structures and processes since they started literally from zero."

Boullier admitted McLaren need results because of financial reasons. Their partners also demand results.

"We have to get results and we can not stay away (from the front) for long - Honda is aware of that," stated Boullier.