We were too conservative - Pirelli

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Pirelli's sporting director Paul Hembery admitted the Italian tyre manufacturer has been too conservative this season. The company is, however, not dissatisfied with how the season has gone so far.

Pirelli conquered the headlines in their debut season in 2011 and then also in 2013. In both seasons they produced heavily-degrading tyres which led to extreme strategies. In some races even with four pit stops drivers had to conserve their tyres.

However, the Italian company has gone a very different route for this year's campagin and was so conservative that in some races half the race distance could be easily covered with the softer compound of the two available.

"We are a bit surprised with the results. That is connected with the restrictions regarding the tests. Our aim was to bring tyres which have less blistering. We have reached that, but in hindsight we have to concede that we were too conservative at some places. We strive for having races with two or three pit stops in the forthcoming season."

Hemberey revealed that Pirelli is to change their compounds and aim at more pit stops.

"We can improve our hard compound. It should be closer to the current medium compound. On top of that, for tracks like Montreal, Monaco or Singapore we can produce a compound which is softer than the current supersoft."

"However, we don't have any intention to change the profile or the structure of the tyres." said Hembery.