Sebastian Vettel is a fighter – Berger

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Ferrari’s former driver Gerhard Berger thinks Ferrari can thank its success in 2015 to the quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel. The Austrian finds his fellow German-speaker an asset for Ferrari.

Sebastian Vettel joined Ferrari this year. Both the German and Ferrari endured a very difficult 2014 season, but their marriage has already brought two triumphs this year. The Scuderia could cross the start-finish line first in the heat of Malaysia and in the scorching climatic conditions in Hungary.

Experienced and successful ex-racing driver Gerhard Berger hailed Sebastian Vettel for his contribution to the uphill curve showed by the iconic Prancing Horse.

“He brought a precise working method to Ferrari in a similar way to Michael Schumacher. He tries to hide his emotions and stay always calm. That drives the team forward.”

Berger thinks Ferrari can only beat Williams because the Italians have Vettel on board. The Austrian reckons that Williams could have won a race if they had Vettel behind the wheel.

Williams almost won the British GP after having beat Mercedes at the start and having stormed into the leading positions. Bottas proved to be the faster man from the Williams’ duo, but the Grove-based team did not release Bottas and let him stroll behind Felipe Massa.

“Vettel would have handled this situation differently to Bottas. He would not have bothered about the radio message, he would have realized the chance for win and grabbed it.”

“I think Williams could have scored a win with Vettel,’ concluded Berger.