Ferrari reveals SF16-H

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Ferrari revealed its 2016 contender, the SF16-H in an online event. The car features extensive changes over its predecessor, the SF15-T. The online event featured no attendees, with just the team's principals and the 2 drivers, along with the 10 winners of the readysetred contest asking each a question.

For the first time since 2011, the car features push rod on the front axle again. Chief Engineer James Allison described the front pull rod configuration as a wrong choice and that the team has made big strides since 2013 in all departments, explaining Ferrari was maybe only the best in pitstops. Allison explained the push rod allows for better aero and better weight.

Further changes are made to the nose, being very short and very similar to the 2015 Barcelona Red Bull nose, which will allow more air to travel underneath the chassis.

The biggest change lies at the back, with everything being shrunk extensively. Sidepods are even more agressively sloped and undercut. the inlets have been reduced as well. The engine cover is very notably thinner. This was made possible through a redesigned PU architecture, which was described as getting rid as much as possible of encumbrances.

The car still featured an old aero kit. We can expect Ferrari bringing new front and rear wings, as well as other aero devices, to Barcelona.

Finally, the livery was changed considerably as well, with much more white accents and way less black ones. Especially the roll hoop and engine cover got a white paint, with a more prominent accent on the Ferrari F1 logo.

Arrivabene emphasized the team effort. When asked if they were able now to compete with Mercedes, he stayed a bit on the surface, but did say Ferrari has a big responsibility, to "push for 120%", in order to do their job with dignity. Allison further emphasized this by saying the effort has an equivelant of 1000 man year put in.