Verstappen vows to keep fighting

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Dutch sensation Max Verstappen gained lots of praises in his first F1 season. The son of former racing driver Jos Verstappen was not only fast, but showed many spectacular overtaking manoeuvres all through the year.

The 18-year-old driver said he will keep on fighting in the very same spirit. However, he also knows that his rivals will be more prepared for his moves as they get to know his typical moves.

"One difference," he explained, "is that the others know better about what you can do and perhaps defend even harder."

Verstappen, however, also knows that the time will play to his hands as he gains more experiences race by race and the first season showed to be a very steep learning curve.

"On the other hand I now have the advantage of a year of experience in the bag. I’m really looking forward to picking up where I left and giving full throttle."

Max Verstappen will make his first run in Toro Rosso's new STR11 on Tuesday when testing at Circuit de Catalunya, Spain.