Pirelli warns teams to be cautious with tyres at Silverstone

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F1 tyre manufacturer Pirelli gave clear guidelines to teams how much they can stress the tyres on the high-speed track of Silverstone. The company wants to avoid tyre blowouts and any possible criticism about its products.

Pirelli has regularly stood in the spotlight with different problems related to its tyres. The last incident occurred in Austria a week ago when the right-rear tyre on Sebastain Vettel's Ferrari exploded in spectacular fashion.

On the back of a rather unexpected tyre failure at Austria for Sebastian Vettel, Pirelli shrugged off any responsibility on the cause the problem, saying the failure was due to debris.

The tyre supplier has now moved to stipulate clear recommendation on the maximum amount of laps the teams can run on each compound. Pirelli recommends nobody should exceed 15 laps on the soft, 26 laps on the hard and 28 laps on the medium. The medium is said to have better durability despite it being softer compound to the hard, but the latter has showed some graining over the weekend.

Furthermore, Pirelli warned the teams that its recommendations are not deemed to be guarantees as every car handles different tyres in different ways.

As for the best strategy for the British GP, the Italian manufacturer suggested that two-stop strategy is the fastest way by using one set of softs and two sets of mediums.

"We’ve seen some absolutely stunning pace with the soft compound in particular, while the medium looks like it’s going to be the favoured race tyre, using a two-stop strategy," said Pirelli's motorsport chief Paul Hembery.