Rosberg keeps pole after stewards' investigation

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FIA confirmed that Nico Rosberg maintains pole position after a long investigation about a yellow flag situation in the dying minutes of qualifying. That means Mercedes start tomorrow’s race from the front row as Lewis Hamilton is set to start from second place on the grid.

Nico Rosberg came under scrutiny as yellow flags complicated the final minutes of the all-important last qualifying segment.

Fernando Alonso had a spin in turn 10 as he tried to push hard after a scruffy first sector. That incident evoked double-yellow signals which forced drivers to slow down.

Nico Rosberg was one of the last driver to finish the qualifying. At the moment he got to turn 10, Alonso could leave that place. However, double yellows were still being waved.

FIA stewards started a long investigation and called Nico Rosberg back to the Hungaroring. By that time Rosberg had already left the track and had to turn back to see the stewards.

The German said to have lifted through the yellow flag zone.

"For sure there was double waved yellows, but I had a very big lift and lost a lot of time as a result. I'm sure that'll be ok," said Rosberg afterwards.

"I acted according to what you need to do and so I showed a big lift and slowed down. I was slower in that yellow sector than on my previous fast lap, so I'm quite sure that it'll be ok,"

Having heard the involved parties, the FIA issued a clarification and a decision at 20:34 , confirming that the championship leader can keep his pole position on the basis that he "reduced speed sufficiently into Turn Eight".