Ferrari duo happy with the SF70H’s track debut

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Ferrari launched its 2017 F1 car on Friday during a short video clip and sent its new challenger onto the track right after the presentation to complete the first tests of the functionality of the various systems of the machinery.

Ferrari christened its car the SF70H. The letters in the name stand simply for Scuderia Ferrari and the Hybrid form of power. The number, however, stands for the history of the Scuderia as it constructed the Tipo 125, its first racing car to bear the Ferrari name in 1949, some 70 years ago.

The Italian team sent its new machinery to the track on Friday. Kimi Räikkönen could cover the first laps with the new car.

"It was just a first touch and the main work starts in Barcelona, but so far so good," said Räikkönen right after that he gained the first experiences with the new challenger.

“It feels pretty similar to last year. There were a few changes, but not an awful lot,” concluded the Finnish driver.

Sebastian Vettel took over the wheel from his team-mate in the afternoon. Despite to the unfortunate weather conditions, the German could try out his new office.

“You can see it is a step forward and you can feel it is a step forward," said Vettel.

“It is fun to drive. The car looks big and strong."

Vettel hailed the first outing as they did not experience any serious issues during the few runs he completed on the Fiorano test track which is located only five minutes away on foot from the team’s F1 headquarter.

“Today we didn’t have any problems. And the first impression is the right one. It was a good and a good start."