FIA to aid overtaking with elongated DRS zones

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The governing body announced that it will make alterations to the DRS zones for some of the remaining races of the 2018 Formula One World Championship.

FIA confirmed that it will lenghten the DRS zone in the Italian, Russian, American, Brazil and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in a bid to help improve overtaking.

At Monza, the second DRS zone will be lengthened while in Russia, the DRS zone which runs down the start-finish straight will be extended. In Austin, the DRS zone on the backstraight will be longer. In Sao Paolo, the DRS zone on the start-finish straight will be lengthened by 100m while both DRS zones at the Yas marina track will be elongated, as well.

Earlier this year, FIA was experimenting with additional DRS zones. In Austria, Canada and Great-Britain, the governing body mandated three DRS sections. The aim was to help drivers prepare their overtaking attacks on the additional zones before they arrive to the main DRS zone.