Official: Ferrari appeals against decision corcerning Racing Point’s brake ducts

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After the FIA stewards announced their decision in the Racing Point case on Friday morning, Ferrari has become the first team to appeal against the verdict.

FIA stewards have decided to impose a fine on the Racing Point outfit for a sporting regulation offence. The Silverstone-based outfit’s 2020 F1 car looks as a copy of Mercedes’s 2019 race machine which has raised eyebrows and kept rivals angry since the pre-season testing.

Renault expressed its displease regarding the Mercedes-Racing Point cooperation by lodging a formal protest in the Styrian, Hungarian and British Grands Prix. Following a long hearing, stewards have announced their decision this morning which saw Racing Point lose 15 championship points and receive a €400,000 fine.

Several teams are believed to find the verdict too lenient for such a severe infringement which saw Mercedes hand over its 2019 brake ducts to Racing Point on January 6, six days after the part in question was added to the Listed Parts.

Ferrari became the first team to appeal against the decision with other teams expected to follow the Scuderia.

“We can confirm that we have just stated our intention to appeal against this morning's FIA Stewards' decision regarding Racing Point,” a Ferrari spokesperson said.

Teams have 24 hours to appeal against the decision following the announcement of the stewards’ decision.

In the meantime, McLaren and Renault have also joined the fabled Italian outfit in appealing against the ruling regarding Racing Point’s Mercedes-inspired technical solutions.