Alonso undergoes operation, Swiss police provides a report

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Following his road accident in Switzerland, the Alpine F1 Team reported that the Spaniard is expected to fully recorver for pre-teason testing that will kick off in Bahrain on 12 March.

Alonso was involved in a cycling accident yesterday as he was hit by a car near Lugano in Switzerland. The Spaniard was transferred to a hospital where x-rays showed that he has suffered a fracture to his jaw.

The 39-year-old underwent a successful corrective surgery for the fracture this morning and will remain in hospital for observation for a further 48 hours.

A report from the Ticino division of the Swiss police has provided exact details on how the accident happened.

“Just before 2pm in Viganello, a 42-year-old Swiss motorist domiciled in the Lugano area was driving in via La Santa in the direction of Pregassona,” said the report.

“According to an initial reconstruction and for reasons that the police investigation will have to establish, while making a left turn manoeuvre to enter a supermarket parking lot, there was a collision with a 39-year-old Spanish citizen, who was riding his bicycle. He was passing the column of stationary vehicles in the opposite direction on the right.

“The collision occurred against the right side of the car. On the spot intervened agents of the cantonal police and, in support, of the police of the city of Lugano as well as the rescuers of the Green Cross of Lugano who after having given the first attention to the cyclist transported him by ambulance to the Hospital. The 39-year-old suffered a fractured jaw,” read the report.

After two years away from the sport, Alonso is set to make his return with the Renault F1 Team that has been rebranded to the Alpine F1 Team for 2021. The Spaniard secured his two FIA Formula One World Championship titles with Renault in 2005 and 2006.

A statement released on Friday morning from Alpine said: “Fernando Alonso was kept under observation in hospital in Switzerland. Medics discovered a fracture in his upper jaw and conducted a successful corrective operation. The attending medical team are satisfied with his progress.

“Fernando will remain under observation in hospital for a further 48 hours.”

The French team expects the two-time world champion to fully recover from his cycling accident for the pre-season testing, claiming that Alonso “will be able to progressively resume training. We expect him be fully operational to undertake preparation for the season.”

Following the corrective operation, Alonso tweeted on his social media account: "Thanks for all your wishes, I’m ok and looking forward to getting 2021 underway."