Ferrari unveils its brand-new simulator at Maranello

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The Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow team has unveiled its cutting edge simulator that is set to support the design phase of the Italian squad's all-new 2022 Formula 1 car.

The Maranello-based team has announced that its F1 simulator is in its new home. The new facility sits between the main office of the Gestione Sportiva and the Fiorano Track. The coming weeks will see the team carry out the calibration work while the real work will begin at some point in September, after the summer break required by the sporting regulations.

The new simulator will support the work of the team's all-new 2022 F1 car. At the same time, the current simulator will still be used for development work on the SF21 and in preparing for the race weekends, as well as supporting the youngsters from the Ferrari Driver Academy.

The team stated that the brand-new simulator "is absolutely at the cutting edge in this field and reproduces in a 360° environment, the lowest latency and the widest bandwidth of anything currently on the market." The new facility has been produced exclusively for the Maranello team and has been designed as the result of a collaboration between Scuderia Ferrari and Dynisma, a UK-based company headed up by former Ferrari engineer Ashley Warne.

Commenting on the presentation of Ferrari's new simulatior, the team's Head of Supply Chain, Gianmaria Fulgenzi said: "Simulation and digital technology are going to play an ever more important role in the development of a Formula 1 car and we believe we have made the best possible choice, focusing on creating a tool that will enable us to make a generational leap in this sector,

"To produce it, we chose Dynisma, a young and dynamic company. It has taken two years to complete this project and now we are ready to start using it on the 674 project, which is the name given to the car that will be produced based on the new technical regulations that come into force in 2022," Fulgenzi concluded.