Red Bull to team up with Ocean Bottle

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Red Bull Racing Honda has announced a new partnership with reusable water bottle company Ocean Bottle to help prevent pollution of our ocean and lower the Team’s environmental impact.

With research indicating that the amount of plastic in our oceans will quadruple by 2030 and that over 75% of this pollution will come from uncollected plastic waste, reducing the amount of single-use plastics and supporting sustainable actions has never been more crucial.

As part of the new partnership, in 2022, Ocean Bottle will supply the Milton Keynes-based outfit and its guests with fully recyclable reusable water bottles made from recycled materials, and that’s not all! With each unit supplied to the four-time world champion team, Ocean Bottle will commit to collecting the equivalent of 1,000 plastic bottles.

Since launching in January 2019, Ocean Bottle has funded the collection of more than 2.5 million kilos of ocean bound plastic, equivalent to 245 million plastic bottles and by 2025 it aims to have collected 80 million kilos of plastic, equivalent to 7 billion plastic bottles!

Red Bull Racing Honda Team Principal and CEO, Christian Horner, said: “As with Red Bull Racing Honda’s approach to Formula 1, Ocean Bottle have sought to reinvent how environmental actions are funded and how pollution is prevented,” added Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner.

“We’re fully supportive of their mission to make our oceans cleaner and their inspiring community-based efforts that lie at the heart of their company. Through our partnership, we will fund the collection of 85,500 kilos of ocean plastic which is equivalent to 7.5 million plastic bottles.”

Will Pearson, Co-founder & CEO of Ocean Bottle, said: “Plastic pollution is having a catastrophic effect, not only on our oceans but also on local waterways and communities. To truly tackle this problem we must reduce single-plastic use but we also need to make changes to our everyday routine, to individually make an impact and ensure plastic is collected before it enters our ocean in the first place.

“That’s why we couldn't be more excited to announce this powerful partnership with Red Bull Racing Honda, who have a reputation for pushing boundaries within sport, technology and innovation. We’re delighted to work with the Team on corporate environmental action and fund, by 2022, the collection of at least 7.5 million plastic bottles whilst empowering individuals everywhere to be a part of this solution.”