French Grand Prix is set to feature French Historic Grand Prix

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Historic Racing will return in force this summer with HVM Racing and the GIP Grand Prix de France - Le Castellet set to to offer a new edition of the French Historic Grand Prix in June.

Scheduled for 17, 18 and 19 June 2022, it will once again be held on the Castellet circuit in perfect symbiosis with the Formula 1 French Grand Prix, which will take place there one month later, from 22 to 24 July. On that date, it will be the turn of the latter to put history in the spotlight alongside modern F1 through parades and exhibitions.

True to its original theme, the 2022 French Historic Grand Prix will revisit the history of F1 and the various single-seater categories through multiple races. Emphasis will also be put on the animations and the presence of the clubs (whose members will have the opportunity to discover the Grand Prix circuit at the wheel of their cars) in addition to the 17 starts given during the weekend. In addition, in the pure tradition of the French Historic GP, spectators will once again have the privilege of free access to the paddock.

Eric Boullier, Managing Director of the GIP Grand Prix de France - Le Castellet: "Last June, the collaboration between the teams of the Formula 1 French Grand Prix, HVM and the FFSA was a real success. This unique event has already attracted thousands of enthusiasts and I look forward to welcoming even more of them next year. French Historic Grand Prix organisation prior to the Formula 1 French Grand Prix reminds us of the importance of the sporting heritage and the legacy of Formula 1 in our country”.

Laurent Vallery-Masson, HVM Racing: "This edition will give us the opportunity to focus on the F1 cars from the early 2000s. They are already almost 20 years old! V8, V10 screaming at the end of the straight, we will relive the history of these monsters which are the last of the "combustion" era. Of course, all the levels of single-seater history will be represented to relive together the most beautiful pages of the history of motor sport. With the support of the FFSA and our partnership with the GIP Grand Prix de France - Le Castellet, this event will be magical, in the colours of the Formula 1 French Grand Prix”.

Nicolas Deschaux, FFSA President : "Upstream of the next Formula 1 French Grand Prix, from 22 to 24 July, the French Historic Grand Prix - the fourth of its kind - will return to the Paul Ricard circuit from 17 to 19 June. In 2017, wishing to promote all historic competitions on a national level, the FFSA created this Historic French Grand Prix in collaboration with HVM Racing, its loyal promoter on the Historic Tour.

"Then, in 2021, for the third rendez-vous of this meeting which has rapidly become unmissable, the past has joined the present in the framework of the Paul Ricard circuit, which has become the home of the modern French GP. Like last summer, the French Historic Grand Prix proposed by the GIP Grand Prix de France - Le Castellet and HVM Racing will once again honour the heritage of motor sport and its legacy on the invariable theme of the great hours of single-seater racing. This will provide a very high-quality show for the countless enthusiasts".