Haas announce launch date for 2024 F1 car

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Formula One's sole American team Haas have become the last team to confirm the launch date of their 2024 F1, as it hopes to lift itself out of the bottom of the pecking order following their troublesome 2024 F1 campaign.

The Kannapolis-based outfit has today revealed that it will pull the wraps off its new F1 car on February 2, opting for a digital presentation.

Haas owner Gene Haas elected to make tweaks to the structure of his Formula One team, ousting Guenther Steiner who has led the outfit since its birth back in 2015. The American decided to replace the Italian with former Engineering Director Ayao Komatsu.

The American team still builds on the structure that it established when it joined the sport with its operation split across three locations – the UK, USA and Italy – and operates a model where they take their chassis from Dallara. Furthermore, Haas buys a raft of parts including the engine from Ferrari and the aero from their own design team, located in an office at Maranello.

Speaking of the challenges ahead of the new season, Komatsu added: “Of course, I’m not trying to be Guenther Steiner!” he says. “He’s a very different person. We got on, honestly, really, really well.

"We respect each other, we respect each other’s positions and job roles during work and off work as well. We used to go to dinner quite a lot as well over a race weekend – again, not to talk about work but because we got on pretty well. But I’m not here to replace Guenther Steiner as a character.

“He’s a very different character, as you know, and he has got very different strengths and weaknesses to me. I’m not trying to be someone else and Gene knows that and if Gene wanted a Guenther Steiner replacement in that way, he would have appointed somebody else. So I understand that Gene wants something different and I will try to be the best version of myself rather than trying to be somebody else," Komatsu said.