TECH REVIEW: McLaren introduce a raft of upgrades in Miami

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Formula One's Woking-based outfit, McLaren have held back their upgrades so far this season, but the British outfit has now equipped their MCL38 with such an upgrade that it could be referred to as a B-spec car.


Mercedes did not bring many updates to their troublesome W15 so far this year. However, they introduced several new parts in Miami which will be then followed by further changes at the forthcoming Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

The most significant change revolved around the floor. The volume of the floor roof has been altered, while more vanes have been added to the floor edge wing. The changes to the floor roof result in an increase of local floor load and also improve flow to the rear of the car and diffuser.

Mercedes also added more cooling louvres to the engine cover panel as part of a circuit-specific change. The increase of number of louvres allowed more mass flow through the sidepods, which was to cope with the high temperatures in Miami.

Another circuit-specific change revolved around the front wing. The Anglo-German team reduced the flap chord to decrease the load generated by the front wing assembly. The change was necessary to balance the wing for the lower-downforce rear wing.

Moreover, the team has also altered the front suspension. The angle of attack of the track rod has been changed in order to change the local flow and reduce "the local pressure peak and improve flow to the rear of the car."


McLaren arrived in Miami with a heavily revised car. Such was the scale of the upgrade package that their new car could be regarded as a B-spec of the launch version. The papapya outfit originally intended to launch the new version of their MCL38 in Imola, but they have managed to push forward the pacakge to Miami.

In fact, the team managed to run only one fully-updated car with Lando Norris receiving the new package in its full extent. His team-mate Oscar Piastri raced with the majority of the updates, but he did not receive the two main item of the new package (floor and sidepods).

Central to the upgrade package was the change to the floor and the sidepod inlets. The radiator inlets are wider and shallower and the lip wing have been inreased as well. The team hopes that the new arrangement improves the flow to the back of the car.

The revised floor has been designed in conjunction with the new siedpod inlets to increase overall load in all conditions. The altered floor features more aggressively designed vortex generators.

The Woking-based team also brought a new front wing to the car. The section beneath the nose has been changed with the team claiming that the modification leads to “a significant improvement of flow control which in conjunction with the updated front corner and front suspension, results in an overall load gain.”

McLaren have also redesigned the the front suspension geometry and the brake ducts. Both of them have been altered to suit the new front wing and to support and enhance the improvement in flow condition.

The bodywork has also been tweaked in conjunction with the new sidepod inlets. They are shallowed than before, but expand more prominently behind. The bodywork also feature revised cooling louvres to suit the overall flow field.

Similarly, the rear suspension and the rear brake ducts have also gone through redesign process. Both have been tweaked to suit the changes to the sidepod inlets and the floor.

Moreover, the team has also updated the beam wing as they brought an offloaded version of it. The change was necessary to support the lower-downforce rear wing which was brought to suit the high-speed nature of the Miami International Autodrome.

Red Bull

Red Bull arrived in Miami with a single upgrade. The Milton Keynes-based outfit made a slight tweak to the floor of their RB20, removing a support for the floor edge wing. The team stated that the motivation was of reliability nature, but in fact this was a change for performance reasons.

The removal of the support was for weight saving, which Red Bull achieved to do by keeping the same stiffness of the assembly.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin arrived with four circuit-specific changes in Miami. The Silverstone-based outfit brought a modified front and rear wing to Florida. The front wing featured flaps with less aggressive profiles, while the modified rear wing sported a reduced front view area and less aggressive profiles. The aim was to find the optimum drag range at the Miami International Autodrome.

Moreover, a modified beam wing also made an appearance in Miami. The tweaked version was a single-element wing which was introduced to support the team's effort of decreasing the drag level of the car.

Aston Martin also equipped the car with a larger exit area at the rear of the bodywork. The larger exit area increased the massflow inside the bodywork and hence through the coolers, which allowed operation in the very high ambient conditions in Miami.

The team also added a driver cooling inlet to the top of the legbox. This new version is larger than the one evaluated in winter testing. The device captures external air and feed this through the chassis into the internal legbox to provide a cooling airflow over the driver.


Williams have debuted a modified front wing in Florida. The Grove-based outfit introduced an optional solution on the front wing which makes it possible to trim the trailing edge of the rearward element of the front wing cascade. Another optional solution has been introduced which can modify the upper surface of the same trailing edge region by fitting a small packer.

Both items have been designed to allow the team tweak the aero balance of the car. They can be used independently or together, depending on the load reduction required to balance the car. The team stated that "these geometry options both reduce the local load produced by the front wing and are optional items"

Visa RB

The Visa RB team have brought two modifications to Miami. The height and shape of the forward floor has been updated, with the fences modified to suit. The team stated that the ""changes made across the forward floor and fences modify the load distribution of the forward floor, generating additional local load whilst minimising negative effect on downstream flow quality."

Moreover, the diffuser has also been reshaped in the inlet area. The tweak was implemented to increase local load and enhance better flow quality in to the diffuser.

Kick Sauber

Kick Sauber is yet to score points in 2024 following a tough start to the season. The Swiss outfit has lacked outright speed so far, and its season has been hindered by pit stop issues that saw Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu lose a significant amount of time in the pit lane.

For the Miami round, the team that is set to become Audi’s works team in 2026 has brought two circuit-specific changes. The team has introduced a low-drag rear wing for the Miami International Autodrome that favours low-downforce configuration due to its long full-throttle sections.

The front wing has been equipped with two flaps with reduced-profile. Similar to Mercedes, the team wanted to achieve an optimal balance between the front and the rear of the car after they elected to use a low-drag rear wing.


Following several disappointing years, Haas have raised their game for 2024. The American outfit has scored points in four of the opening six races courtesy of Nico Hulkenberg which was mainly possible due to the improvements the team has achieved in terms of tyre management.

For the Miami Grand Prix, Haas introduced tweaks to the floor of their 2024 F1 machine. The trailing edge of the diffusor has been equipped with a more aggressively-designed Gurney-flap. The team stated that the aim with this new geometry was to increase “floor extraction and allows as well a better control of the local flow features, resulting overall in more downforce.”

Ferrari and Alpine have not submitted any upgrades to the Miami F1 round.