Monaco is safe, says injured Italian photographer after scary crash

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Italian photographer Andrea Bruno Diodato claims that the Monaco street circuit is safe despite sustaining a minor injury as a result of the horrific collision between Red Bull driver Sergio Perez and Haas racers Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg.

Last Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix kicked off with a serious crash after Sergio Perez tangled with Haas racer Kevin Magnussen on the run up the hill to Beau Rivage on the opening lap of the race.

The touch sent the Red Bull of Perez into a spin. Haas's German driver Nico Hulkenberg was unable to avoid the Mexican's car, and he also crashed into the walls.

During the heavy three-car pile-up, many debris flew off the cars which is always dangerous given the proximity of marshals and photographers who work close to the track.

One of the photographers, Andrea Bruno Diodato was also close to the first-lap smash between the three drivers. Speaking to Sky Italia, the 29-year-old freelance photographer added that he sustained a minor injury as a result of the incident, but he thinks that the Monaco circuit is safe thanks to the well-designed guardrails.

“My work sometimes teaches us to listen even before seeing certain situations,” he told Sky Italia.

“And so in those moments: after a Sauber passed by, the uniform noise as the cars passed was as if it had stopped for a moment and I understood that something was about to happen. Then the collision.

"There were about ten of us, now I only have a bruise after the impact. Those who suffered the most damage may have thrown themselves to the ground to take cover.

“No serious consequences. I was there because I used a wide-angle lens for the start.

“I wanted to show a bit of the surrounding context, so the city, the details of the track and the huge number of cars. In short, it was an interesting part to work in."

Diodato said that he felt no fear after the incident, and he visited Mugello this weekend to work at the MotoGP Italian Grand Prix.

"No, no fear. So much so that I immediately returned to the track and will also be on track [this] weekend at Mugello for the MotoGP.

"In Monaco there is no safety problem. I know that circuit well and if there were no serious consequences after the impact it is also because the guardrails are very solid, as are the posts in the asphalt.

“I think that track offers many more certainties when compared to others and other situations. I'm thinking for example of the accident involving Zhou (with Albon) at Silverstone in 2022.

“Maybe the show isn't exciting on the track, but the safety standards are high. And in any case we are all aware that there is a risk in doing this job," he noted.