Hamilton draws parallels between himself and Marc Marquez

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Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton said that the six-time MotoGP champion Marc Marquez might also have intended to chase a new adventure when he decided to commit himself to a new project.

Following a difficult spell of four years, Marc Marquez elected to leave Honda at the end of 2023 and join Ducati instead. The Spaniard has secured six MotoGP world championship titles with the Japanese marque, but with Honda having struggled for pace since 2021, Marquez made the tough decision to depart from the Japanese manufacturer.

The Spaniard joined the Gresini-run Ducati outfit. He has displayed impressive performance since his very first run with his new bike, and has been in contention for pole positions and win all through the season. His eye-catching form has prompted the works Ducati team to sign Marquez for 2025, who will partner two-time MotoGP champion Francesco Bagnaia from next year.

Asked why Marquez left Honda with which the Spaniard secured all his MotoGP titles, Lewis Hamilton noted that he might have felt the need of finding a new environment to excel.

"I mean, he's incredible. I mean, I love MotoGP and I really am excited for the future of the sport as well. I think that they'll probably be learning a lot from what has happened with Liberty and Formula 1 over the past years and I think there's a lot of growth that will happen. But the racing is amazing.

"And then to see Marquez on the Ducati is going to be cool. I mean, the Ducati has always been such a cool bike. But I think from an athlete's perspective or a rider or driver's perspective, I think it's.

The seven-time F1 champion said that it is a natural phenomenon that many people seek a new challenge after taking on the same role for a long time. This very hunger for a new adventure might have motivated Marquez to join a new project.

"Maybe similar for some of you, where you've been maybe in a job for a long, long time, it's great to have something new, a new environment, new desk, new people to work with and new challenges.

"And there's nerves, there are all these things that you are unsure of, in the sense of you don't know how you're going to blend in an environment, for example. But that's exciting. And it's great when you're welcomed into a new space. So, yeah, I think it's really cool. I can't wait to see him there on that bike," the 103-time F1 race winner said.