New helmet for Heidfeld

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Nick Heidfeld, the BMW Sauber F1 Team driver, has a completly new racing helmet for the 2007 Formula One season. Robert Kubica's helmet has been adapted to the new sponsors and the colour patern has been brightened up a bit, but especially the new helmet of Heidfeld caught our eye.

The changes are pretty remarkable considering that a driver used to carry a helmet design all through his career. Michael Schumacher for instance kept the main theme all through his long lasting career, except for changing the white for red to not get confused with Barrichello's helmet which is also red and white. Jacques Villeneuve on the other hand stuck to his design without hardly changing anything.

Recently though, Kimi Raikkonen switched to an all new design after yearly updates while Eddie Irvine once traded his orange helmet for a black one when he joined Jaguar. It looks like nowadays helmets are like fashion for drivers, fitting their stuff with their car.

(Nick Heidfeld's 2006 helmet)

(Heidfeld's new helmet for the 2007 season)