The heart of the F1.07: the BMW P86/7

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Following the decision to restrict many areas of engine development for the 2007 season and beyond, the new powerplant has not received its own development number. Following on from the successful engine of the past year, the current engine is now called BMW P86/7.

Despite the restrictions on development, the BMW Sauber F1 Team did have some leeway to develop last year's engine further. While the block and crankshaft had to remain untouched, further tweaks were allowed to the cylinder head and peripheral components. Additional enhancements were permitted to details of the intake and exhaust piping, lubricant and fuel supply, pistons, valves and mounts. Alterations required to install the engines in the new cars were also given the green light.

Development work on the engine of the BMW Sauber F1.07 is never at a complete standstill anyway. Mario Theissen explains: "A Formula One engine is never the finished article. It's like a painting that may already look finished to the onlooker but which the artist, knowing precisely where he can improve his work, will still touch up here and there."

"Far from reducing development work to a standstill, the increased number of regulations has merely shifted the emphasis. It's important that Formula One remains at the cutting edge of technology, and that's what it will do," adds the BMW Motorsport Director.

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