Rear suspension failure for Davidson

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SUPER AGURI F1 TEAM has been tempered by its experiences at the Hungaroring this weekend. Anthony Davidson experienced rear suspension failure during an incident with Fisichella which ended his race on lap 41. Takuma Sato struggled to find grip after a promising start, but was able to pick up the pace following his final pitstop to complete the 2007 Hungarian Grand Prix in 15th position.

Takuma Sato “It was quite an exciting start and I got off the line well. Through the first few turns I was side-by-side with a couple of cars and made up some positions, so that was really good. But then I struggled with low grip and the car started to slide with the heavy fuel and this continued to half way through the race. On the third stint, with thesuper soft tyre, the car had much better balance and a lot more grip, so it was really fun to drive. The lap times were very competitive, so it is a shame that we didn’t have anybody to race with on the last stint, but at least it was a better day and overall it was hard, but a good race.”

Anthony Davidson “It was a frustrating end to the day. I got a really good start and the car had a nice balance all the way through the race. Challenging Wurz and Fisichella was great as these were the guys we were trying to beat. But in the end, when I was racing Fisichella out of the pitlane, he ran out of road on the cold tyres. I tried to give him as much room as I could without running off the circuit and we touched. I think it was a racing incident, but it was enough to break my rear suspension and put me out of the race. So a frustrating end to a good weekend, but these things happen and we learn from every race. We had a good strong Qualifying, so we are looking forward to next time.”

Aguri Suzuki, Team Principal “The races are getting very difficult for us due to the reliability of everyone on the grid. Taku and Anthony did a very good job today and it is unfortunate that Anthony was unlucky with a coming together with Fisichella. In the second half of the race Taku’s laps times were quick and consistent, however, with all of our competitors also performing strongly, we must continue to develop our car and push harder for the second half of the season.”