It's just how Formula One is - Montoya

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In an interview with 'The Associated Press', former McLaren Mercedes Team driver Juan Pablo Montoya said that he's not surprised that the espionage case has hit the most competitive series of all.

Juan Pablo Montoya said: "It's just how Formula One is. Teams are allowed to bend the rules too much. That's just my personal opinion, but I always felt like people bent the rules and that some teams were allowed to bend the rules more than others. But this? This is crossing the line."

The Colombian wasn't surprised that Fernando Alonso was involved in the spy saga. Alonso received and sent emails about secret Ferrari information with Pedro de la Rosa. Montoya said: "Fernando is a nice guy, but he was the No. 1 at Renault and he was used to winning and getting everything. Then he went to McLaren, and when Connie (JP's wife) and I heard that Lewis was going to be his teammate, we said 'Oh my God.' We immediately felt sorry for Fernando because Lewis is Ron's baby. Ron paid his whole career, so Ron wants him to win and not Fernando. He would rather see Lewis win, who is like his own child to Ron. Fernando is nothing to him."

About his former Team Boss, Ron Dennis, JP declared: "Ron, outside the work environment, is a great guy. But he's two different guys. The guy who I signed with and played golf with, he just didn't exist in the office. He was just a different person, you wouldn't even recognize him. He wants to control everything, and I think Fernando is angry about that because he is not used to someone controlling everything and did not like that Ron was like that. I think Ron is used to drivers who don't say anything back. They are very quiet and very nice and do what everyone says, and I came along and he didn't like that. Now I guess Fernando is the same way."

Asked if was a mistake of Alonso to sign with McLaren, Montoya said: "He thought he was going to come in and be No. 1, and he's just not. They try to make them be equal, but Lewis is genuinely a really fast driver. And apart from being really fast, he's Ron's favorite. It's just the truth, and it makes it bad for Fernando."