What's up with Super Aguri?

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The Super Aguri F1 Team seems to be in big financial problems. There were already earlier reports on the money troubles of the Japanese team but it appears that the future looks less bright every day for the Leafield-based outfit.

It all started with a major sponsor that refused to pay the contributions promised. After that a great number of employees were fired because of the financial issues. From that moment, talks about a Super Aguri sell-out have never been far away.

The Japanese team is the only one that is yet to confirm its 2008 driver line-up and that has not set a date for a car presentation. As the team is not participating in most of the pre-season test sessions, the rumours about a sale have been flying around.

At Jerez, Super Aguri turned up for the test session but due to a problem on the car, the team had to wait two days for new parts coming in from the factory. The parts never arrived and the team had to move back to Leafield after only 10 laps out on track.

Last week at Valencia, Super Aguri was again the only team not to come in action and it is understood that they will not participate in the upcoming Barcelona test which will start on Friday.

If you add this to the continuing reports about financial problems, you can suggest that Super Aguri won't last an entire F1 season. This is also the conclusion of FIA President Max Mosley. When asked if he is confident that all eleven teams will contest the entire 2008 championship, Mosley repeated: "Not very."