Renault and Altran launch the fifth edition of the Altran Engineering Academy

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For the fifth consecutive year, the ING Renault F1 Team and Altran are pleased to announce the continuation of the Altran Engineering Academy. Launched five years ago, this initiative has proved to be a valuable platform for young graduates who aspire towards working at the highest level of motorsport. The opportunity to enter the world of Formula 1 represents a unique opportunity for all the candidates.

The team will open its doors to the winning candidate, who will be given the opportunity to join the ING Renault F1 Team's Research and Development department for a six-month placement. The winner will be provided with accommodation in nearby Oxford, the use of a car, and will be supported by an Altran expert who will help the winner get the most out of the experience. The candidates who hope to win this unique opportunity will need to prepare a presentation showing technological innovation in one of the following areas: aerodynamics, power, performance engineering, vehicle dynamics, control systems, electronics, materials transducers and fuel technology.

The winners in previous years, such as Josef Dubsky in 2007, have shown that the chance to spend six months with the team has played a major role in determining their career paths. Many of the participants in this competition are today employed by the team, while the others participants will be considered for future roles.

Robin Tuluie, Head of Research and Development for the ING Renault F1 Team explains: "The competition attracts a large number of young people who have a passion for our industry and who are not intimidated by the complexity of our environment. Their involvement over the last four years has been valuable in terms of the technical contribution, and a rewarding experience."

Anne-Laure Sanguinetti, Head of the partnership for Altran, confides: "Participating in this competition, which attracts hundreds of young applicants from the best universities and schools worldwide, gives them a chance to share a thirst for challenge with Altran and ING Renault F1 Team. Every year, we are faced with a tough choice and impressed by their ability to defend their ideas in front of the jury."

The last four years of the Altran Engineering Academy have been a great success, with thousands of people visiting the official site of the competition. Hundreds of applications were received from over twenty different countries.

Candidates for this year can complete their applications on the official site for the 2008 competition: The deadline for applications is 15th May.