Minardi PS01

Minardi PS01 image

Active: 2001
Team: Minardi Team SpA

Team: Gustav Brunner/Gabriele Tredozi (TD), Gabriele Tredozi/George Ryton (CD), Loïc Bigois (CA)
Drivers: Alex Yoong (20), Fernando Alonso (21), Tarso Marques (20)

Minardi's first car under the helm of new owner Paul Stoddart was a tidy design by Gustav Brunner, much alike the team's car of 2000. It featured a unique titanium cased gearbox and a distinctive low nose cone, unique amongst F1 competitors. The car was however hampered by its engine, an uprated but very aged Ford unit.

The most important change in the team was its ownership. The terminally ill Gabriele Rumi managed to sell his team to Australian businessman Paul Stoddart, owner of the airline EUROPEAN. On January 9, Stoddart decided to buy the team and 24 days later all formalities were completed.

A further 19 days later, the PS01 was given its shakedown at Vairano. One day later, two cars were off to Malpensa airport and the plane to Melbourne. Stoddart managed to get the team going by investing at least $50 million during the first year. He made his F3000 team available for F1, making it 111 people at Minardi HQ at Faenza and another 68 in Ledbury, England. The UK base also produce the celebrity two-seater chassis in addition to carrying out research and development plus the test team.

A team of aerodynamicists was recruited and a wind tunnel was made available to perform - although still limited compared to other teams - aerodynamic tests.

The team has its engines rebuilt and maintained by Cosworth-approved specialists Langford and Peck. Short on development, they benefited from a revised bottom-end specification from Imola onwards which largely eliminated piston problems.

After Brunner left to join Toyota's program to return to Formula One, Gabriele Tredozzi took charge of the chassis development program, presiding over two aerodynamic upgrades at Monaco and Silverstone plus a revised titanium gearbox incorporating totally revised rear suspension. That was available in time for the German GP.


Designation: European Minardi PS01
Constructions: Carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb composite monocoque
Bodywork: Carbon fibre
Suspension: front/rear Upper/lower carbon-wrapped titanium wishbones, front pullrod/rear pushrod-activated torsion springs/rockers, mechanical anti-roll bars.
Dampers: Sachs (to Minardi specification)
Steering: Minardi rack and pinion
Gearbox: Minardi sequential, six-speed, semi-automatic, longitudinally mounted, titanium casing, hydraulic activation (Magneti Marelli ecu, Minardi software)
Brakes: Carbon on carbon, 6 piston calipers, by Brembo
Cooling system: Minardi-designed water and oil radiators
Cockpit: instrumentation Magneti Marelli set in steering wheel
Seat belts: TRW Sabelt six-point harness
Steering wheel: Personal
Driver's seat: Minardi
Extinguisher system: Lifeline
Wheels: OZ forged magnesium (13.0 x 12.0in front/13.0 x 13.7in rear)
Tyres: Michelin
Fuel cell: ATL, Kevlar-reinforced rubber
Fuel: Elf
Lubricants: Elf


Front track: 1480 mm
Rear track: 1410 mm
Width: 1800 mm
Length: 4509 mm
Weight: 600 kg (including driver and camera)


Designation: EUROPEAN (rebranded and uprated Ford Zetec-R)
Type: 72° V10
No. valves: 40
Displacement: 2998 cc
Cylinder block: Cast aluminium monoblock
Ignition system: Magneti Marelli Step 8 control unit with Minardi software
Lubrication system: Dry sump
Fuel injection: Magneti Marelli
Sparkplugs: Champion