Crash for Webber during first practice

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It was a very busy day for the Red Bull Racing Formula One Team today as the mechanics had to repair Mark Webber's RB4 after he crashed during the first free practice session. In the meantime David Coulthard has been playing around with the set-up of the car for tomorrow's qualifying session.

Mark Webber, 1st Practice P20, 2nd Practice P11
"It's a nice track, they've done a good job with it. My first session was much too short, as I got into the little chicane a bit too hot and hit the wall. I should have gone down the escape road, but hindsight is a great thing! I damaged the front right corner and also the steering rack, which gave the guys a lot of work to do in a short space of time. I owe them one. Even though we lost a lot of track time, I feel we've made a reasonable recovery. There's still quite a bit of work to do, but at least I've now got a good idea about the circuit. Running at night seems okay, but I might make a few tweaks to my visor and tear-offs."

David Coulthard, 1st Practice P15 2nd Practice P15
"It's like the cobbled streets of Paris and very unforgiving, I think there will be a lot of incidents during the race. Unlike Valencia, which was a smooth circuit with very good kerbs, the kerbs here are very aggressive, especially at Turn Ten. We've already seen a few people having incidents this morning and I think we'll see more of the same story during the weekend. We've been playing around with the set-up of the car and the biggest influence at the moment is the tyres and getting the tyres to come in, in order to get a clear lap."

Mark Webber
First Practice Session
Position: 20, Best Time: 1:53.703, Laps: 4, Chassis No. 5
Second Practice Session
Position: 11, Best Time 1:47.137, Laps:, Chassis No. 5

David Coulthard
First Practice Session
Position: 15, Best Time: 1:48.517, Laps: 23, Chassis No. 4
Second Practice Session
Position: 15, Best Time: 1:47.640, Laps:, Chassis No. 4