Briatore fires back on Mosley's insults

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Renault's team principal Flavio Briatore has firmly fired back at Max Mosley in a call to end the insults towards FOTA from the FIA president. Briatore stated "Mosley always goes personal" while he should better focus on himself.

Last Friday, FOTA announced it would start a breakaway series as it found it impossible to come to an agreement with the FIA, especially because the governing body's approach was deemed unacceptable.

"We have tried to compromise, we have opened the door, we have tried everything," claimed the Italian, FOTA's head of its commercial development working group. "We have had the door closed in our face. The agreement has not been done by FOTA, it has been done by the manufacturers."

At a BBC broadcast after Sunday's race, Mosley was referring to the car manufacturers and FOTA in general as lunatics, something he dismissed a couple of hours later as a joke.

"I'm too much of a gentleman to go personal. If he wants to go personal, I have a lot to say about Max. He needs to stop insulting people. I don't want to personally describe what Max is because in his private life we have already had a demonstration of what he was in the News of the World."

"If he is talking about lunatics and stuff like that, he needs to watch himself, to just do the best job possible for him, the teams and not go personal by insulting me, the people from FOTA and the people from ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association, which includes all works teams in F1 bar Japanese Toyota)."

"We want real teams, not empty boxes. We are very curious because Friday was the deadline to announce the teams for the FIA 2010 championship. It was very hard for us - FOTA - to really be ready for Friday. That was supposed to be the day for the list of the new teams in Formula One. I don't see that list - I am very curious to see that list."

The FIA planned to announce its complete entry list for 2010 last Saturday but decided not to as it is still legally investigating whether the FOTA teams can be on it or not.