FIA and FOTA to meet again tomorrow

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Paris will be the host for another meeting tomorrow between the FIA and FOTA, the first one after the major teams announced their preparations for their own series. This meeting will either open the door for a compromise or shut it firmly.

FOTA last Friday came to the decision that it might be better to just split off and start a seperate series as it found it impossible to negotiate with the FIA. Max Mosley, the president of the FIA, has always handled F1 issues firmly without giving in, but the teams are now more than fed up with the situation.

Recent public interviews given by Renault's Flavio Briatore and Ferrari's Luca Di Montezemolo have not improved on the situation either, especially after Max Mosley called some of the FOTA members "lunatics".

It is believed that tomorrow's meeting will finally show what the real positions are as FOTA's leading men will be eager to know what Mosley's proposals are. After all, FOTA have said it is now up to the FIA or Ecclestone to come up with something to fend off the breakaway threat.

Interesting is also how much of an influence Williams and Force India will have in this political game. Both teams have unconditionally signed up for the 2010 championship but may see them end up in a half empty championship if other teams would go on their own.

If both parties can somehow come to a preliminary agreement of some sort, Bernie Ecclestone is likely to step in as a negotiator to prevent himself from a considerable loss of money. If by tomorrow evening the water has deepened even further, we can expect the FIA to proceed with legal actions against several of the current F1 teams.