Spokeswoman says Schumacher would consider stepping in for Massa

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Maybe in an effort to please the public, Michael Schumacher's spokeswoman has confirmed that the former Ferrari driver would consider taking on the responsibility of stepping in for Felipe Massa. Although issues arise as Schumacher is now 40 years old, and his fitness may not be up to standard anymore, and his motorcycle accident earlier this year may also add to that.

The spokeswoman said to the 'BBC Sport', "The whole thing will be considered by Ferrari. If they approach Michael, then he will consider it. But there is no reason for him to step into their discussion."

She added this regarding his physical condition, "Michael had a motorcycle accident in February when he had a neck problem - and I really can't tell you if his neck would be fine to drive an F1 race. If Ferrari asked him whether he would consider driving, he would have it checked, and remember he is a 40-year-old man, too."

Another thing to consider is that Schumachers contract with the Italian manufacturer has not been renewed, and the advisor role based deal is soon to expire.