Massa's progression is incredible says Domenicali

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Scuderia Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali has hailed Felipe Massa's progression in such a short time, since he has gone to Budapest once again after the early Monday morning visit. His personal doctor, Dino Altman, has also given more positive remarks about the Brazilian, including that Massa can see from his left eye, which was speculated to have been injured by the impact.

"It's good to have comforting news. I spoke to Felipe and it was very emotional for me: he recognised me and I brought him a message from everybody at Ferrari and from the fans all over the world," Domenicali said after his second visit this week.

"I told him that his red car will wait for him until he's ready to race again," he added. "Now we've got to take it step by step and remain cautious, but it's really incredible to see all of this progress only three days after the accident."

While Dr. Altman also gave good news, "His condition is improving quickly and constantly. He is more and more awake and reactive. He spoke to several people today, using three different languages, replying always in a coherent way. He's also progressing with his physiotherapy very well. He opened his left eye and confirmed that he can see with it."

Adding, "As far as the near future is concerned we have to be cautious, but I have to say that also today there are very positive signs."