Four teams supported Renault appeal

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The FIA today revealed the full court decision relating to the appeal Renault F1 lodged against its one-race suspension. In that statement, it appears that 4 teams has submitted a letter in support of the French team.

Renault was obviously not the only team who found the race suspension as a sanction disproportionate. And with good reason, as the court stated during the case that indeed it found the penalty incorrect when comparing the events to other previous incidents:

"With respect to sanctions imposed in similar incidents, the Court accepts and emphasizes that each case must be looked at on its own merits and does not wish retrospectively to make judgments about other incidents. Nonetheless, it is the Court’s view that the penalty imposed in the present case appears to be significantly inconsistent with any penalty previously imposed (or not imposed) in other broadly comparable cases."

To eventually clear Renault of its imposed race ban by the FIA stewards, the court also took into account 4 letters by teams that suggested the same thing:

"The Court notes that it has taken account of the letters of support which the Appellant has received from Red Bull Racing, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, and Toyota F1 Team and which it has submitted to the Court. These letters confirm that two of the above-mentioned teams lay claim to having followed improved procedures precisely in order to avoid the very serious safety risks which unquestionable arose in the present case."

"While the Court accepts the FIA’s submissions that the letters should not be regarded as wholly unsolicited testimonials of support, it considers that it would be wrong in the circumstances of this case to ignore the other teams’ views, which they have formally recorded in writing with the knowledge and intention that they should be submitted to the Court."