Analysis: Renault R30 unveiled at Valencia

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Renault have presented their new car, and maybe even more interestingly their new livery which goes back to the black and yellow the team raced with in the 1980's. At the pitlane launch, the car's rear end is completely covered from spying eyes.

Early reactions on the web are pretty straightforward about the livery, commenting that this finally is a good looking Renault after 3 years of a mixture of orange, blue, yellow ans red.

The car itself is clearly an evolution of last year's Renault R29 as it still features a big and wide nose cone that aims to create a low pressure area under it. The much discussed nose is however still under development and may see another development before the start of the season.

Just like in 2009, the front wing is again a fairly simple solution. It is actually a surprise to see this largely unchanged wing as Renault pointed it out as one of the reason that its car in 2009 was not good enough to be a front runner. I will not be surprised if the team is hiding a newer version behind the scenes.

The sidepods are also a clear evolution, and contrary to the three other cars that have been launched, the Renault has sidepod air intakes that extend to the car's floor, instead of featuring rectangular inlets high above the car's floor.

The rear end of the car is still very much unclear as most of the tail is covered up. The rear wing does however still sport a single central support, with heat stickers attached to them. The team will no doubt be interested in the temperature of this element when the car is driving, as the engine's exhaust have been moved backwards and more to the centre of the car.