Todt confirms that teams are allowed to miss three races

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Current FIA President Jean Todt has confirmed that teams are legally allowed to miss three Grand Prix's during the course of the season without being replaced or removed from the series. This comes from the speculation of whether at least two of the four new teams will fail to make it to the seasons launch in Bahrain next month, namely USF1 and Campos. Although up until now both teams have denied their inability to race for the entire season.

Todt said to Italy's 'La Gazzetta dello Sport', "In the last draft, the World (Motor Sport) Council (WMSC) granted the opportunity for a team not to participate in three rounds of the championship, although they don't have to be consecutive. If one pulls out, the insertion of a new team is not automatic - it is always up to the FIA to decide whether a team is eligible or not."