Luscious Liz has to prove herself - Vettel

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Who has been following Formula One for the last years knows that Red Bull Racing driver Sebastian Vettel has a tradition in giving his F1 cars a female name. After Kate's dirty little sister last year, Vettel found a new name that sums up what the RB6 means to him: 'Luscious Liz'.

Asked by the official Formula One site when he came up with the name, Vettel answered: "At the first test I really started to go through a couple of names and I like the name Liz and Luscious Liz fits quite well, I think. It’s an attractive car, it’s quick and successful. But the main attribute naturally should be that she’s bl**dy quick.

"Kate and ‘Kate’s dirty little sister’ did a very good job so Liz has to prove herself," the young German added.