JPM's lap at Bahrain

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This weekend the 2006 Formula One season officially kicks of in Bahrain, the pearl of the Persian Gulf. Juan Pablo Montoy takes us for a ride on the circuit in Bahrain that is the venue for the Gulf Air Bahrain GP.

Juan Pablo Montoya "We begin on the long start-finish straight, which is just over one kilometre and were we reach the highest speeds on the circuit, up to 320 km/h in seventh gear before braking hard for the slow tight right of turn one dropping down to first gear and 80km/h. A short burst of power takes you to the left hander of turn two, which is taken at 120km/h in second gear, keeping on the power through the turn.

The slight right of turn three, taken at 190km/h sees speeds gradually increasing as you go up to third gear. This then flicks you onto the second and shortest of the four straights. We power along here in sixth gear before dropping down to second gear and 105km/h for the tight right of turn four. The sweeping left-right-left of turns five, six and seven follow; this is very quick sequence reaching 200km/h at turn six and sees us pull 3.2G the highest of the circuit.

We then pick up speed on the exit for the short run down to the hairpin of turn eight which is taken in second gear at 90km/h. Another quick burst takes you to the two left handers of nine and ten, which will start off quite fast and then see us slow to second gear and 80km/h for ten. This then swings you round onto the third main straight that runs parallel to the start-finish straight. This sees another chance to really pick up speed and we reach 300km/h before braking for the long left double-apex of eleven. It is important to maintain our speed through here, as it leads onto another long and fast sweeping section of the track.

The open curving right of twelve, which sees speeds of around 215km/h in fourth, is followed by a sharper right turn, taken in third at 170km/h, this then flicks you onto the back straight. Powering up through the gears you reach 320km/h before breaking hard into second gear, 95km/h for the final right hander, which takes you back onto the long start-finish straight to start another lap."

Source McLaren