Ferrari prepares SF70-H for first run with cockpit shield

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Scuderia Ferrari are preparing their SF70-H for its first run with the cockpit shield, a first in a series of evaluation runs with the shield, a derivative of Red Bull's alternative for the Halo protection bar that was trialed at several events during 2016.

A transparent open canopy system constructed using polycarbonate, the Shield is aimed at providing significant protection from debris, while ensuring unrestricted forward vision for the driver.

A possible geometry has been developed and the FIA is currently working with teams in Formula One on further optimising the design.

On the back of a number of indoor and outdoor tests, Ferrari will now do the first public run in free practice with their current SF70-H, fitted with a prototype of the Shield.

The tests come at a time when teams are getting anxious to receive more information about the device, as the FIA is set on introducing some sort of cockpit protection as of the 2018 Formula One championship. The trouble is though that how that will look like is still undecided, but if tests prove successful, the Halo is set to disappear before it was ever really introduced.