Aston Martin is Lance Stroll’s home, says Krack

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Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack said that he expects to eliminate the uncertainty revolving around the second seat at the Silverstone-based outfit in the coming weeks.

Aston Martin have already confirmed that Fernando Alonso will stay with the team for at least the next two seasons. It is currently the Spaniard's second season with the Silverstone-based outfit.

However, it is not sure who will compete alongside Alonso in the second Aston Martin car with rumours circulating that Lance Stroll might leave Formula One at the end of the season. With his father owning the Silverstone-based outfit, his contract is widely considered to be a rolling one.

Team boss Mike Krack has stressed that Stroll is intent on staying with the team for next year, suggesting that Aston Martin might announce its plans in the coming weeks.

"He has communicated the same to me. I think we are in a good exchange for this situation. We know that Aston Martin is Lance's home. And I think soon we will have to communicate something.

Speaking of Stroll's current season, Krack said that the Canadian driver has improved his form recently.

"I never had a doubt in any of this. We could see clearly that as soon as we give the drivers a car that they can use, and this is for both, the performance is there.

"And this has happened last year. This has happened at the beginning of this year. And also lately, we see that as soon as we don't do that, they struggle more.

"And this is something that we have to work on. So I think we have to move the focus away from the drivers. In this case, they need to get the best of what we have. And at the moment, it's not good enough.

Aston Martin has struggled for pace so far this season and have been unable to match the field-leading trio of Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes. The start of the season saw the British outfit fight with Mercedes, but with the Anglo-German squad having achieved an upturn in form with its recent upgrades, Aston Martin finds itself in a "no-man's land”.

"Well, the car is quite tough to drive, and we have not managed to cure that so far. So what we need is a car more benign, easier to extract potential, give them more confidence.

"And we had something like that in the past, and that was much, much easier for the drivers. If you lack confidence in your car, then you cannot go to the maximum.

"You have to take margin and you are much more exposed to these small gaps that we are having these days. And then you can end up on the wrong side of it. And then you start a race much, much further back and there is no point.

"So it's up to us to fix these issues. You asked me how long. I would be happy if I could tell you in two races we have fixed everything. We're working hard on it to cure these problems and we're trying to bring these updates as quick as possible," Krack concluded.