Hydraulic problem for Alonso, engine failure for Hamilton

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Vodafone McLaren Mercedes completed day three of the Bahrain test at the top of the timesheets. The test team continued the development programme, making the most of the warm ambient and track temperatures. Both Fernando and Lewis had on-track stoppages during the day.

Fernando with a hydraulics issue that was rectified by the team to allow the Spaniard to return to the circuit during the session. Lewis had an engine failure, which caused minor disruption to his programme as it happened an hour before the end of the session. The engine in his MP4-22 had completed over 1,200km and survived beyond its contingency mileage.

Fernando Alonso “It has been interesting to get the MP4-22 on track in the consistent weather conditions of Bahrain. We have been able to get a fuller understanding of the car and how it works in the warmer temperatures, including looking at areas such as the cooling system, which has been productive. It was a chance for me to see the latest performance upgrades and we have useful feedback from the developments that have been incorporated. It was great to see some of the work that has been done on the test track and at the McLaren Technology Centre on the car, as we progress towards Australia. We have another three days next week in Bahrain and have to make the most of that time. There is, as always in Formula 1, still work to do.”

Lewis Hamilton “Alongside the overall test plan, which has seen us cover final sign-offs on elements such as software and the Melbourne specification, our time in Bahrain is also focusing on Bridgestone Potenza evaluation in the higher temperatures. I haven’t driven on the Bahrain track since 2004, so it is also really useful to get some laps in prior to the Grand Prix. We have two days break now, and will get back on track on Tuesday.”